Forthcoming Courses



Wrightington FRCS(T&O) Lower Limb Clinical and Viva Courses 2022

Wrightington Conference Centre, Wrightington Hospital.  WN6 9EP



Convenors: Henry Wynn Jones, Mike Karski and Sunil Panchani

This is an intensive one-day course on lower limb surgery in preparation for the FRCS (Orth) exam. ​​​The course is aimed at candidates about to sit the Intercollegiate Board examination in Orthopaedic Surgery.  The emphasis of the course is on clinical examination of patients and viva practice under examination conditions.

Faculty includes Consultant Lower Limb Surgeons and Lower Limb Fellows who have recently taken the examination. There is a high ratio of examiners to delegates to ensure that delegates get plenty of practice. Viva subjects cover questions encountered in the "Adult Pathology" section of the FRCS Vivas (Spines, Pelvis and Hip, Knee, F&A, Tumours, Infection) 



Course Date: Monday 24th January 2022  -  on Zoom



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Future dates for Lower Limb FRCS Course for 2022 - on Zoom

Thursday 24th March 2022  



Wrightington Acetabular Revision Masterclass

Thursday 17th March 2022


This is an exciting acetabular revision reconstruction one day course with 3D printed operable models with real defects and fresh frozen femoral head bone.

The course is aimed at Senior Trainee Orthopaedic surgeons, ST8, post CCT Fellows. To register you should have passed your FRCS and have an interest in hip surgery.  There are 12 places available.


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Virtual Wrightington John Charnley Gold Medal Research Meeting on Zoom

Date to be confirmed for 2022


We are holding the Virtual Wrightington John Charnley Gold Medal Research Meeting on Zoom on Thursday 17th June 2021 at 7.45pm with the presentations starting at 8.00pm.  There will be 11 presentations.  There will be prizes for the winning presentations and posters.     This is an excellent opportunity to see all the interesting work that is going on at Wrightington.  We are inviting the Low Friction Society and it would be really good if you could join us.  Provisional programme is attached.


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