Gold Medal Programme 2020

Virtual Wrightington John Charnley Gold Medal Research Meeting on Zoom

Thursday 16th July 2020

at 7.45pm with the presentations starting at 8.00pm.



Provisional Programme


Podium Presentations

  1. A randomised prospective study comparing migration of hydroxyapatite and non-hydroxyapatite coated glenoid components using radiostereometric analysis.

Presenting Author:  Ahsan Akhtar

Other Authors: M Ricks, L Cunningham, M Moffatt, S Bale, M Walton, P Monga, I Trail


  1. Aetiology And Outcome Of A Consecutive Series Of 45 Surgically-Managed Common Peroneal Nerve Palsies.

Presenting Author:  Samarth Arya

Other Authors: Nagy Mathias, Sriharsha Yatham, Chye Yew Ng


  1. Carbon dioxide levels in surgical helmets in the operating theatre. 

Presenting Author:  Jonathan Barrow

Other Authors:  Christopher Whelton, Tim Board


  1. Patterns of Injury and Predictors of Motor Recovery in Patients with Infraclavicular Brachial Plexus Lesions following Anterior Shoulder Dislocation. 

Presenting Author:  Rishi Dhir

Other Authors: Feiran Wu, Chye Yew Ng


  1. Is pre-operative identification of the infecting organism essential before single stage revision hip arthroplasty for periprosthetic infection? 

Presenting Author:  Ben Greenfield

Other Authors: H. Wynn Jones, P. Siney, B. Purbach, P. Kay, T. Board


  1. Revision Of The Corail Stem: Indications For Revision, Ease Of Extraction And Subsequent Reconstruction. 

Presenting Author:  Graham Hastie

Other Authors: Soheil Ghane Asle, Anil K Gambhir, Tim Board


  1. Early outcomes of a new total knee replacement in a non-designer series of 446 knees. 

Presenting Author:  Dominic Marley

Other Authors: Akash Saraogi, Naveen Lokikere, George Pavlou, Anil Gambhir, Tim Board


  1. Early outcomes of arthroscopic superior capsular reconstruction for irreparable rotator cuff tears.

Presenting Author:  Aditya Prinja

Other Authors: Hariharan Mohan, Jagwant Singh, Mike Walton, Lennard Funk, Puneet Monga


  1. Trochlear Shape Patterns (TSP) in normal and dysplastic trochleae. 

Presenting Author:  Nisarg Shah

Other Authors: Rafael Sales


  1. Investigating differences in gait between fixed and well-functioning, and loose Total hip arthroplasty. 

Presenting Author:  Chris Whelton

Other Authors: Richard Page, Mary Cramp, Paola Dey, Ben Langley, Tim Board


  1.  43 consecutive Promade custom made patient specific shoulder arthroplasties.  

Presenting Author:  Aparna Viswanath

Other Authors: A Keightley, B Gallagher, A Viswanath, M Ricks, S Bale





Poster Presentations

  1. A Review of 100 Iatrogenic Nerve Palsies – Delay in Referrals Remain Significant.

Presenting Author:  Sanil H Ajwani

Other Authors: Jagwant Singh, Chye Yew Ng


  1. Survivorship Analysis of CAD-CAM Total Shoulder Replacement

Presenting Author:  Aditya Prinja

Other Authors: S Nayar, W Rudge, A Majed, D Higgs, D Butt, M Falworth


  1. Beware of the painful cutaneous neuromas!

Presenting Author:  Abhay Sood

Other Authors: Sri Harsha Yatham ,Hilary Yates, Dawn Sheldon, Chye Yew Ng


  1. Developing the Trafford Shoulder Score: A composite assessment tool for patients with shoulder Problems

Presenting Author:  Dominic Marley

Other Authors: Amy Barratt, Tim Piggott, Bibhas Roy


  1. A multi-centre randomised control trial comparing gamification with remote monitoring against standard rehabilitation for patients after arthroscopic shoulder surgery

Presenting Author:  Dominic Marley

Other Authors: Amy Barratt, James Wilson, Bibhas Roy


  1. Does revision to ceramic on polyethylene bearings following ceramic fracture cause catastrophic wear?

Presenting Author:  Jonathan Barrow

Other Authors: Adeel Aqil, Graham, Hastie, Henry Wynn Jones


  1. A novel continuous compression staple fixation technique for ankle arthrodesis

Presenting Author: Kadosa Bodo

Other Authors: Mr Mike Karski


  1. Pilot study to evaluate feasibility, efficacy, safety and patient satisfaction of day case total hip replacement (DC THR).

Presenting Author: J Clarke

Other Authors: T Board, H Divecha, L Cresswell, S Duncan, J Bolt, Joseph Knowles, Catrina Morris


  1. Does Total Hip Arthroplasty in Paediatric Patients Improve their Quality of Life?

Presenting Author:  Jonathan Barrow

Other Authors: Tim Board


  1. Birmingham Hip Resurfacing at minimum 13 years: Acceptable survivorship but high incidence of ARMD

Presenting Author:  Graham Hastie

Other Authors: S. Collinson, A. Aqil, S. Basu, D. Temperley, T. Board, H. Wynn-Jones


  1. Preliminary results of CovidSurg Audit at WWL

Presenting Author:  C Whelton

Other Authors: H Divecha, H Wynn-Jones, T Board


  1. COVID status of patients at Wrightington across wards/specialties with different patient pathways

Presenting Author:  Vishesh Khanna

Other Authors: Hajime Nagai, Peter Kay, Sumedh Talwalker, Amar Deshpande, Nidhi Leena


  1. Comparison of outcomes of high tibial osteotomy using two principles of pre-operative planning

Presenting Author:  Nisarg Shah

Other Authors: Rafael Sales, Sijith Sasi


  1. Long Term Outcomes Of Primary Total Hip Arthroplasty In Patients With Legg-Calvé-Perthes Disease (LCPD)

Presenting Author:  Nisarg Shah

Other Authors:  H Nagai


  1. Quality of Consenting in Elective Total Knee Replacement

Presenting Author:  Mathias Nagy

Other Authors: Sriharsha Yatham, George Pavlou, Videsh Raut, Asim Rajpura


  1. Retrospective Study to assess the clinical and radiological outcomes of revision arthroplasty in fracture stems

Presenting Author:  Surendra Singh Rawat

Other Authors: Nikhil Shah


  1. Cemented Charnley Total Hip Arthroplasty For Osteoarthritis Secondary To Developmental Dysplasia Of The Hip:  3-37 Years Follow Up Study

Presenting Author:  Samarth Arya

Other Authors:  Hajime Nagai, Paul Siney, Peter Kay